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Süleyman Türk – Businessman

On July 26, 2015, I was arrested for alleged formation and management of a terrorist organization. I owned three driving schools. While I was in custody, there was no judgment made about me... stated in the indictment, two unknown people reported me to the police,...

Turkish authorities must restore judicial independence and stop targeting and silencing human rights defenders

Caglayan Justice Palace, Istanbul - © OVKNHR / Shutterstock.com In a report published today, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović, calls on the Turkish authorities to restore judicial independence and stop the practice of targeting...

UN committee asks Turkey to submit defense upon application of man sacked with emergency decree

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has asked Turkey to submit its defense following an application by a man sacked from his post with a state of emergency decree. The public employee, whose identity...

Two woman don’t give up the fight. One wants her job back, the other wants her son!

Melek : We have three female cadets, daisies, in prison, you know. I declare that I will not shut up until three daisies are released, until the cadets are released, until Murat and Ragip are accepted as martyrs. Now...

Turkey: Failure to act on European Court judgments puts freedom of expression at risk

ARTICLE 19 and the Turkey Human Rights Litigation Support Project (TLSP) have warned that the rights to freedom of expression and assembly continue to be at risk in Turkey. Their warning comes ahead of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers’ review...

Levent Mazılıgüney – Officer. Dismissed with decree #689

I was suspended in December 2017. My suspension was due to my brother's use of the  Bylock application. I was dismissed before him. Because I went over the ByLock application. My brother was suspended on November 3, 2016. We were lucky. On...

Right is gained by fighting!

* Transcripted from the speech of the deputy Mr. Gergerlioğlu at the opening of the Eskişehir KHK Platform. (July 7, 2019) The case we all know about. Hundreds of thousands of people. Gradually. One night 50,000 people, one night 10,000...

Dismissed civil servants continue fight to restore rights in Turkey

ISTANBUL — Ali Riza Gungen has been fighting to get his job back since he was dismissed in November 2016. Once a professor of economics at 19 Mayis University in Samsun, he was among more than 800 academics prosecuted for signing a peace petition opposing military...

Years after coup, purged civil servants feel trapped in Turkey

Diego Cupolo from Al-Monitor reports current situation of dismissed civil servants in Turkey and their fights for regaining jobs and basic rights Leyla Simsek Rathke was acquitted of terror-related charges in September, but she...

Turkish mother fights to free cadet son from life sentence

ANKARA – Wearing a colorful headscarf and long coat to guard against a bitter Ankara frost, Turkish mother Melek Cetinkaya would not usually catch the attention of the police. But when she dons a vest calling for justice for...